Reno-Maitre banner (APCHQ)

Since its creation in 2002, the Reno-Maitre banner aims to improve the management of Quebec’s renovation market. It is also the only contractors group in Quebec that certifies the professionalism of their members and gathers the best residential renovation contractors.

Experimented, serious and competent, these contractors are also committed to respect the rules corresponding to the best renovation practices.

We are the only well drillers of the regions of the Outaouais and Abitibi-Témiscamingue to detain this certification.

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Certification N°: RM-60990

Régie du Bâtiment du Québec (RBQ)

The RBQ’s mission is to ensure the quality of construction work and the security of those who access a facility intended for public use or who are using equipment or machinery that is independent of a building.

The RBQ has put in place actions that will allow them to consolidate intervention strategies aiming to ensure that the application of the standards will be kept under surveillance. It has also launched its vision entitled Properly constructed facilities and buldings for informed Quebecers, by intensifying their efforts to raise awareness among the public and stakeholders, by intergrating more intervention methods based on risk analysis and by enhancing their capacity to offer services trough partnerships.

The RBQ establishes every necessary technique to satisfy your requirements and offers the citizens and businesses services that are more accessible and better adapted to their needs.

RBQ N°: 8006-9305-82

Certification of Revenu Québec for public contracts

The companies that want to bid on a public tender or conclude a mutual agreement of 25 000 $ or more with a public agency of government administration, of health and social services or educational services, must provide a certification from Revenu Québec (AMR) with their bid or when concluding a contract by mutual agreement.

Visit the Revenu Québec Web site for complete information about the AMR, including conditions that the company must meet to obtain this certification and whether the company in question is in order.

Canadian Geoexchange Coalition (CGC)

The Canadian GeoExchange Coalition is a national non-profit federally chartered organism that was incorporated on June 17, 2002. The essential mission of the CGC is to present geothermal energy and promote the industry in Canada.

The CGC was also created to offer solutions and optimize the use of geothermal energy. It also offers a complete and voluntary quality insurance program which the ultimate goal is to protect the buyers of a geothermal system.

This program is based on training, accreditation and qualification of the experts and on the certification of the projects related to geothermal energy.

The CGC was conceived to better inform us on the industry of geothermal energy and accelerate the growth of the market. The CGC took its role very seriously and has engaged in an extensive process of market transformation for geothermal energy.

Certification N° : Q-D/F-00049 et Q-C-00045

Association Provinciale des Constructeurs d’habitations du Québec (APCHQ)

Founded in 1961, the APCHQ negotiates with more than 17 000 companies reunited troughout 16 regional offices, and it occupies one of the most prominent ranks in the residential renovation and construction industry.

In 1976, they established a private warrantee program on new residential buildings, of which the government was largely inspired by to define the mandatory warrantee standards in 1999. Proactive, in 1986, they created a warrantee plan covering renovation work. They also established the Reno-Maitre banner in 2002. The association and their members therefore perform 76 % of the home building work.

Since 1997, the APCHQ is the most important manager of mutual prevention in the construction field. Being the only negotiator agent of working relations in the residential sector, it also defends the interests of nearly 13 000 employers and 50 000 workers.

Certification N° : 200722 02 7200

Association des entreprises spécialisées en eau du Québec (AESEQ)

Since their beginnings in 1964, the AESEQ have made it their duty to intervene wherever necessary for their members. Their interventions are registered as a constant concern to meet their mandate of helping and fighting for the protection and conservation of the groundwater resource in Quebec and for the protection of public health.

The exploitation of this resource was proved to be, in most cases, the primary income of entrepreneurs that are members of the AESEQ. It is therefore normal that the members are committed to the protection of this resource. Moreover, this water protection must be imposed starting from the moment of construction and realization of an artesian well to the time of pumping the water, of water treatment and finally to the wastewater treatment before it returns to nature.

To achieve this goal, the AESEQ recommends self regulation principles for the surroundings and the accountability of decentralized water cycle industry.

Finally, in the spirit of Water resource conservation, the AESEQ has always worked in concert and in collaboration with the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment and Parks in the application of its laws and its regulations.

Certification N°: 200722 02 7200

Association des entrepreneurs en forage du Québec (AEFQ)

The AEFQ is an organization whose mission is to promote and encourage proper management and effective protection of groundwater.

This resource, essential to provide the province of Quebec with drinking water, must be respected. This is why the AEFQ contributes to the implementation of standards and criterias for the abstraction and use of Quebec’s groundwater, while supporting the proper application of the regulations destined to its protection.

Every member of the AEFQ possesses a valid RBQ license and is also a full member of the Canadian Ground Water Association. An organization, which the AEFQ is, itself, proudly associated with.

Member N° : 000188-008

Quebec’s Construction Association (Association de la Construction du Québec - ACQ)

The ACQ was created in May 1989 and became the most important multi-sectoral volunteer membership division, of Quebec’s construction industry and it has daily relations with nearly 15 000 companies.

This association’s goal is to favor the expansion of construction companies by developing innovative management tools and by offering networking, training and market development events. They also do the promotion of new practices regarding construction, health and safety, technological innovations and durable structures.

The ACQ represents the interests of construction contractors/employers operating in the institutional, commercial and industrial (IC/I) sectors for the provincial and federal government and socio-economic authorities by representing them as an employer’s negotiator agent.

Member N° : ACQ90339