Our company has been drilling wells for the installation of geothermal heating and cooling systems for the last few years. We work closely with several companies that design, install heat pumps and offer geothermal work monitoring, all accredited by the Canadian Geo-exchange Coalition (CGC) and they possess excellent knowledge regarding the thermal conductivity and diffusivity of different soils. Our competence is shared between the different sectors, residential, commercial and institutional.

What is ground heat energy ?

Ground heat energy consists of using the solar energy trapped in the Earth’s crust and groundwater. Contrarily to popular belief, the surface of the Earth’s crust is not heated by the center of the Earth, but rather by the sunshine.

Indeed, the ground and groundwater’s temperature is stable at 8.9 ° C (48 ° F) all year round. This means that it is simple, thanks to a heat pump, to capture the ground’s energy to heat and cool your home.

How does it work ?

The installation process is simple, we just need to drill a predetermined number of meters and add to it a piping system (geothermal loop) for the circulation of the coolant fluid. This liquid holds the heat or the freshness pulled from the ground as it travels under the earth and transfers it to the heat pump. It will concentrate and elevate the temperature so that it can be distributed throughout your house.