Natural gas

It’s in the year 2000 that Les Puisatiers Protech decided to explore natural gas drilling. Since the opportunities came to us from Ontario, we went to the Ministry of Natural Ressources of Ontario to obtain all the necessary information regarding the certification and permits required for this type of activity.

We therefore incorporated the company in Ontario, made all the applications for all the mandatory licences and Mister Guy Lachance, owner, followed with success the required training called « Firstline Blowout Prevention » delivered by « Petroleum Industry Training » in Edmonton.

Yet, a major obstacle remains. Generally, the drilling for natural gas is done by a cable drill, but we only own percussion drills because they are far faster. However, the danger is also greater than a cable drill if the security measures are not respected.

With the help and participation of an expert geologist, we had our drilling method and prevention plan approved by the Ministry of the Environment of Ontario. We explained to them that by stopping drilling before we penetrate the layers of natural gas, we would be able to avoid a blowout. We just need to observe closely the soil layers and follow the guidelines of the expert geologist involved in the project.

Everything was approved and the project was a success. We have realized a few other projects in the field of natural gas drilling in Ontario including one in Niagara Falls that lasted over a period of four months.

We are proud to have participated in the realization of these projects and we can tell you that it was one of the most rewarding experience.