Being the descendant of a family that has been working in the groundwater field for many generations, Mister Guy Lachance, founder of Les Puisatiers Protech, was given the gift of water divining.

The company was founded in 1996 in the region of Abitibi-Témiscamingue and started the drilling operations with a T4 model rotary drill.

The high demand and rapid increase of the industry inspires Les Puisatiers Protech to service the most part of the Quebec and Ontario territory.

We have since purchased three other rotary drills that have allowed us to answer more efficiently our clientele’s demands.

We also moved our head office in the Outaouais in 2003, due to a high market demand in that region. Being more centralized, the Outaouais facilitates the access to our service range. This move has contributed to the expansion of the company and the creation of employment within our team.

Our longevity is pledge of the respect that we bestow to our clients. Over the years we have acquired a solid experience during our various realizations going from a simple residential artesian well to a municipal, mining or natural gas well, without forgetting our participation in the creation of many major geothermal system projects.


Our goal is to supply the Quebec population with drinking water and geothermal energy, while participating in the protection of the environment.

We are also dedicated to offer you an exceptional quality service to facilitate the process of your building project. Our team possesses the equipment, the professionals and the experience necessary for the success of your construction.

Our field of activity allows us to meet your requirements whether you are in need of an artesian well, of submersible pump services, hydrofracturation or of geothermal well drilling.