In addition to increasing the comfort and value of your home, your investment gets larger each time that the price of natural gas, oil, propane or electricity increases. The geothermal systems are very efficient when it comes to energy consumption since, only the heat pump, the compressor and the fan work with electricity. These elements transfer the heat instead of producing it. Consequently, the geothermal energy technology allows heating and cooling savings that can reach 70 %. In fact, a geothermal system produces 3 to 4 times more energy than it consumes.

The addition of geothermal energy to your house is also an interesting alternative for our planet. It doesn’t burn fossil fuels and it doesn’t produce greenhouse gas emission, which accentuates climate change. It will also allow the reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2) by 2,5 to 5 tons a year.

An efficient system to warm you up and cool you down at low cost and that is environmentally friendly. The geothermal technology produces a source of heat that will not run out as long as the sun shines.