Why choose us ?

Dear Clients,

When you’re planning a construction, one of the most important steps is the choice of your contractors. Here are the reasons why you should deal with Les Puisatiers Protech !

We are a company that is determined to offer you an exceptional quality service to simplify the process of your construction. Our team possesses the equipment, the professionals and the experience necessary for the success of your construction.

This is what our company offers you:

Water diviner
Our president, Mister Guy Lachance has a natural gift of being a water diviner, that is to say that he can localize groundwater sources with the help of branches from fruit trees.

Our Employees
 Our team is composed of professional and courteous personnel having many years of experience in the fields of artesian well drilling, submersible pump installation and of geothermal drilling for heating and air conditioning systems.

Continuing education
Our company is always on the look-out for the latest training available for our workers. By doing this, we maximize their expertise in the field and offer you the best service there is.

Our Equipment
We own 4 drills and a full fleet of vehicles needed to complete your project. We also own the biggest hydrofracturation system of the region. This system is to open up the groundwater veins and increase the flow of water coming in your well.

Our firm is synonymous of trust because it’s entirely qualified by the ACQ, the AEFQ, the AESEQ, the CGC and we are also a recommended supplier for CAA Habitation and the Réno-Maître banner of the APCHQ.

The team of Les Puisatiers Protech provides service troughout the year and 7 days a week. Water is essential and vital for human beings, this is why we are always available for you and your water needs.

Thank you for choosing Les Puisatiers Protech, you won’t be disappointed !!!