Constant pressure

We offer the possibility of having a constant pressure ranging between 25 and 80 pounds depending on your needs. The constant pressure system will allow you to obtain a pressure like in the city while having the comfort of the country or the suburbs.

This new system requires a pressure tank with an approximate capacity of 4 gallons instead of 20 gallons, which is normally found in a standard installation. A panel of 3 feet by 3 feet will need to be installed on your wall for the installation of the constant pressure control.

This variable speed control allows you to save your water since the pump will only start depending on the water that you use. This system allows your pump to start-up softly which will prolong your motor’s life expectancy.It also ensures a more stable water flow level and pressure.

The constant pressure system has an integrated system that protects you against the lack of water, voltage variation, surcharges and short-circuits. It will be ideal for almost every application, either for your house, your irrigation system, water supply for farm animals, etc. You can obtain more information on our constant pressure products by visiting the following links :

Franklin constant pressure

Goulds constant pressure

See the difference between a standard pumping system and a constant pressure control

This addition will allow you to enjoy the comfort of modern life more than any other investment of the same nature in any other field of activities.

A constant pressure…even in the country… Yes it is possible !!!