Your water needs

In general, the water consumption is evaluated at 450 liters (100 gallons) per person, per day in the suburbs and even more if you exploit a farm. However, not every family has the same needs when it comes down to daily water consumption. More precise information on your water needs can be given to you on demand.

Evaluate all your present and future possible water needs. Here are some examples :

  • Chores around the house (dishwasher, washer, toilet, etc.) ;
  • Fruit and vegetable preparation ;
  • Heating and air conditioning (geothermal system) ;
  • Spa ;
  • Pool ;
  • Lawn, flour and garden watering ;
  • Water for farm animals ;
  • Milk cooling, cleaning of the milking equipment ;
  • Irrigation of the fields ;
  • Fire prevention.

The flow rate needed can be larger in certain periods of intensive use during the day. If you would like a stronger flow rate pressure, we offer constant pressure products (see pumps and constant pressure tab for more details).