Sealing a well

The sealing of a well consist of making the well seal proof to all infiltration of surface water to protect it from contamination and bacteria that it might contain.

A well must be sealed if one of these situations occurs :

  • The roc is at less than 5 meters from ground level ;

You can’t, under any circumstances, set up a mound or enhance the surface of the ground where the well is to be located to avoid the cementation of your well. It’s even possible that your municipalty will oblige you to seal your well when your permit is issued.

  • The well must be located at less than 30 meters, but at more than 15 meters, of a wastewater treatment system.

Sealing your well doesn’t allow you to locate it at less than 30 meters of your wastewater treatment system if the configuration of your property allows you to respect the required distance of 30 meters.

The way to proceed to the sealing of a well is to drill a hole of 10 inches diameter in the first 5 meter of drilling so that we can then fill the space between the edge of the hole and the casing of bentonite, a material that will make this space completely sealed.

Our company has completed thousands and thousands of wells across the province of Quebec and we are aware of the laws and standards that we need to respect for the realization of a complying and safe groundwater catchment job.