Maintening your well

Even if you have taken every precaution to ensure yourself that you have a good well that supplies you with a sufficient quantity of high quality water, it is not said that this well will never pose problems later on. In fact, no well, even a well built one, is foolproof. We must therefore protect it to conserve it intact and this is your responsibility.

Most people are much preoccupied by the quantity of water that the well will be able to provide without affecting the groundwater patch that supplies it. Yet, it is mostly in terms of its quality that the water can deteriorate. In certain localities, particular contamination problems by heavy metals or chemical products (petroleum hydrocarbons, nitrates, uranium, arsenic, etc.) are to be feared. Further analysis will then be necessary. Communicate with your municipality, the Ministry of the Environment, the Public Health Department or the Regional Department of Health and Social Services to get more information.

When needed, you will have to clean or disinfect your well as well as identifying and correcting any infiltration problems. If some work needed to by done, for example, the replacement of the pump in the well, a disinfection will be imposed.

The use of a pressure tank to compensate for the low rate of groundwater requires certain precautions. We must first prevent freezing in the tank during winter season.  We should also prevent the water from stagnating (stand still) in the pressure tank by making sure to always have a good water circulation. If you go away for a long period of time, it would be important to let the water run when you return to avoid an intoxication due to stagnating water.

The taste and odor of the water must be evaluated after the drilling of the well. It is often the presence, more or less abundant, of certain natural substances dissolved in the water (carbonates, iron, manganese, sulfur, suspended solids, etc.) that gives it a taste, a color or an odor. The most part of theses substances are not dangerous for our health but they can be damaging when washing clothes and it can stain the tub, the sinks and your cookware. These substances can also provoke corrosion in the pipes or partly clog them in time. Usually the quality of these substances in your water will not change, so the analysis won’t have to be repeated. However, if you wish to eliminate these elements from your water, you will have to install water treatment systems.

The prevention of well contamination is an annual fee but, it is often a lot less compared to other expenses that we allow ourselves for simple entertainment. Unfortunately, there are still many people that are ready to pay alot more for annual TV subscriptions than they are to ensure safe quality dinking water.