Submersible pump

Water falls from the sky in light rain and is filtered trough the Earth’s crust while following a long natural process. It is stored in huge underground tanks called aquafiers.

Never sleeping, always mobile, fresh and abundant, water is a real little treasure and our source of life. Groundwater, naturally better …but still, it needs to be drawn !

Thanks to our experimented and competent pump installation’s team, we are able to advise you and give you the pump and accessories that will give you the best efficiency according to your needs.

Throughout our line of superior quality products, you will find brand names such as Goulds, Berkeley, Franklin, Grundfos, etc.

By being part of our distinguished clientele, you will benefit of exemplary professionalism and competence while being satisfied of the performance and liability of your pumping equipment.

Steps to follow for the installation of a pumping system

When your well is drilled and you are ready to receive the pumping system, you must call us 24 to 48 hours in advance to book your appointment.

We recommend that you coordinate the excavation work at the same time in order to save overtime costs for the excavator.

  • Excavation of the trench between the house and the well.
    The recommended depth of the trench, to prevent freezing in winter, is of 4 to 6 feet.
  • Drop of the pump in the well.
    The pump is normally installed at 20 feet from the bottom of the well to take full advantage of the water supply provided by your well and to avoid pumping the debris that fall from the walls of the borehole.
  • Installation of the pipe and the electrical wire in the trench from the well to the house.
    The piercing of the footing must previously be done by the client or the construction project manager. You can also slip a word to the contractor responsible of your foundation, that way, he will be able to install a sleeve for that purpose. The insulation of the trench and the installation of a heating wire, if necessary, are the client’s responsibility and will also be at his expense.
  • Interior installation.
    For the interior installation, the ciment floor has to be poured and you must have electricity. We also recommend you to have the door locks put in to avoid equipment theft.
  • If the installation of your pumping system is done in two steps, you have to call and book an appointment for each step.
  • The electrician will connect your pumping system to the electrical box and the plumber will proceed with the start-up of the system when the plumbing will be completed.

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